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​“It has been said that art is a tryst,

for in the joy of it,

maker and beholder meet."


~ Kojiro Tomita

The man with the "magic eye"

It's nice to meet you.






Molly Schmid has been a professional artist since 1998.  A New Englander by birth, but a longtime resident of Tallahassee, Florida, she excelled academically at Florida State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Fine Art. She specializes in classical, representational and conceptual oil painting. Her subject matter includes portraiture, still life, landscapes, wildlife and abstract concepts.


Molly's work has been privately commissioned throughout the United States and Canada. She is represented by Waterhouse Gallery - Santa Barbara, California. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the State of Florida, as well as private, corporate, and museum collections. 

Underlying and guiding her focus on technical excellence is a dedication to a personal self-expression of gratitude sincerely voiced in her work and life.


The Artist, United Kingdom

American Art Collector

The Artist's Magazine

US Art

Art Talk



  • Anyone can learn to paint.

  • There is no substitute for hands on, one-on-one instruction by a qualified artist.

  • Creating art should be fun, challenging and rewarding. 

  • Art brings people together and nurtures our community.

  • It's okay to make mistakes. We aren't performing heart surgery here.

  • Mistakes are great  learning tools.

  • The only wasted paint is that which stays in the tube.

  • The studio is a sacred place.

  • Honor your creative endeavors. They are meaningful.

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